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Professional Networking Equipment Design, Manufacturing, and Service Partner, Designed and Manufactured in Taiwan .

Provides OEM / ODM for project based development in quick development time, customized and differentiated HW/SW spec, with high-quality and cost-performance. More than 220 active SKUs of 1G 2.5G 10G Ethernet PoE Switches / Unmanaged Switches / Fiber Switches / Industrial PoE Switches for our customers to choose from.

Featured ODM/OEM
Switch Models

We offer more than 220 active SKUs of Ethernet Switches for our ODM customers to choose from.

Easy, Fast
Customer Service

With our EZCM platform, customization is no longer a pain point. Let’s make it simple!

Efficient, Seamless
Customer Support

AI assistant, find the right product/ solution easily without delay to customers.


ODM/OEM Business Focus , 35 Years Networking Product DEV/MFG in Taiwan.

Comprehensive Choice for All Applications

Enable batch configuration, auto-provisioning to integrate with Your Wifi-AP/IP Cam/IP Phone or special demand, with success. Creating a quick and easy way when deployment.

Switch Customization Services

The fastest way to customization and design for your switches.

Complete Switch
Product Portfolio

More than 220 active SKUs of Ethernet Switches for our ODM customers to choose from. Offer the total solution of network transmission where maintenance become effortless.

Instantly Provide Professional ODM Proposal

Smart Selector platform to save your time and effort. By click and export models, you could navigate the specification, and get the most out of your eyes in a quick view.

Differentiated Your
Product Offerings

With partner portal and embedded systems support. We achieve Lowest TCO, Better Cost/Performance & Customer Satisfaction to bring More Revenue Streams from the Switches for win-win.

Standard Customization
Product Offering

Low MOQ (< 20) and short lead time (< 3 weeks) for selected hot models. This is a milestone to get the fast delivery of your project, we delivers an impressive material management for ODM customers.

Custom Branding to Carry Switches

Customization under your brand is no longer a pain point. To offer low threshold, implementing your business become more efficiently and economically.

Experienced in ODM Networking Requirments

Experienced of ODM networking products, prototype in 6~8 weeks and Certifications and Mass Production in another 6 weeks.

Create Value-added Features to Spec-in

To make sure the switches fully integrate with your device, FREE SW customization service is available to make sure the switch works in your application.

Just and Right
when you need it

Get Golden Sample in 3 weeks, 1st Mass Production in 2 weeks and delivery L/T of 2 weeks low MoQ for selected 24 models.

Why Rubytech ?

ODM / OEM Business Focus , 100% Made in Taiwan .

Reliable, stable to produce the product

More reliable

With Advanced Manufacturing Processes and quality testing all in Taiwan. RUBY is being the approved vendor supplying switches to many Tier-1 and Tier-2 ODM brand customers around the world.

Manufacturing Capabilities


ISO9001/14001/TL9000 Manufacturing Lines; Capacity of 1.4M pcs of switches per year. Lines are Qualified by lots of Tier-1 and 2 brand customers, and audited by UL/GS

Networking Product Development

Valuable Virtual RD

>500 Switch SKUs , >180 Media Converter SKUs , >80 NIC SKUs over 36 years , >25 years experiences in developing networking management software

Regulatory Certificates Application


Capable of getting major regulatory certificates (cUL, FCC, CE, CB) in 6~7 weeks. certifications annually, covers cUL, FCC, CE, CB, VCCI, KC, RCM, NOM, ANATEL, etc.

Professional ODM Partner to Design Manufacture Customize Networking products

The Lowest MoQ, Shortest DEV/MFG Lead Time, and Most Comprehensive Customized Features in the Networking Industry

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